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So, who the hell am I? This bloke:








Born 3rd of October 1981 and raised in the idyllic paradise of Frankston in Victoria, Australia, I was raised by a herd of unicorns and received one of the most revered educations in the land.










Then one day, some punkass kid tried to nick the Olympic Flame on its run through Frankston prior to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and my beloved home turned into a war-torn shithole:








Okay only part of that story is true. Frankston actually DOES look like the first picture on a nice day, but is otherwise generally a shithole. I actually grew up in a suburb of Frankston called Carrum Downs, which was a little bit “bogan-y” but otherwise perfectly fine. I received some sort of education, at least, when I bothered to show up. I have real parents, not unicorns. Oh and, some douche of a kid actually did try and steal the Olympic Flame from a torchbearer.


Nowadays I reside in sunny Ontario, Canada with my lovely wife Anna, whose bio is on the other page over there. I’m a Network Engineer who actually enjoys it, I loooove a good beer and for someone who is generally introverted, I enjoy conversation.

Travelling never used to be my thing until finally Anna convinced me, through deception*, that travelling is actually a good idea. One plane trip later and it was adios to Australia and hello to the world. We’ve been many a place, got married by Lac Léman in Switzerland, and even lived in London in the UK for near on 5 years, before making the move to Canada in 2010 via a big-ass round the world stinky backpacker trip.

* Sneakily placing Lonely Planet books in the dunny, where she knows I do the vast majority of my heavy reading.

I’m fairly lazy at the best of times, I mean, why do something now when you can put it off until the very last minute? Despite this I am trying to make an effort to be more organized in life, especially since my laziness/forgetfulness usually results in the wife having to save my ass in some way or another. I’ve recently (well, last year) taken up indoor soccer through work and discovered just how punishing it can be to be lazy. And that’s just a game! Lets see how I go with blogging, then…


So, what do I want to get out of blogging eh? I used to have my own blog way-back-when, but back in the days where I didn’t really have anything interesting to say (in hindsight), other than whinge and moan about shit. So this time around, I guess it’s the opportunity to be more of a storyteller than is possible via social media such as Facebook or Twitter, that is going to motivate me. For example, the moment someone posts anything on Facebook that’s longer than 2 sentences, I tend to tune out. That’s probably true of a lot of people. Blogs however, are much like reading a newspaper – you’ve generally got the time (or if not, will take the time anyway) to read through the whole thing and end up with an opinion on what’s been said.

I can’t guarantee that anything I write will be world-changing, but, it might at least give you a laugh. Quite possibly at my own expense, but I’m cool with that 😛


Lee de Souza

March 2012


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