Candy Crack Cookies

Look out people, there is a new kind of crack in town. Irresponsibly yet intentionally, this new crack is in the form of an innocent cookie. I give you… PC’s Candy Cane “Eat the Middle First” Cookies. First I heard about these cookies by word of mouth. Not just any mouth, but my boss who […]

unpleasant anniversaries…

Dear mum, It has been nearly 12 months since you departed this life, and even though you won’t be reading these words I thought I would write them anyway. I have never understood why people focus on the anniversary of a tragedy or something unpleasant, and I have been trying to prepare myself to not […]

The thing about Cleveland…

Oh geez, I just found this in our drafts! Shame on me. —————————————————————— Husbandman and I have just returned from a three day weekend in Cleveland involving border crossings and long boring stretches of motorway, but what a three days it was. We went from thinking ‘wow the drivers here are rude’ to ‘where the […]


I  just see KitchenAids

Toronto Underground Market (and other Toronto shenanigans)

What a huge weekend just gone. Well, I say huge, but it wasn’t that huge, just constant. We left KW straight after work on Friday, stopped for a shameful dinner which we both regretted on the way, and arrived safely at our hotel around 8pm.  We met up with Team Hughezenbacher at their new apartment […]

I Hate Your Gym Updates

Facebook has a whole bucket load of haters out there. People indirectly taking the piss out of other people, and others taking status updates personally as though the whole world revolves around them. Don’t even get me started on the multi-user profile under one name, that just irks the crap out of me. Or the […]

An Audience of One

I mentioned in my last entry that I write for an audience of one. This all started last year when I thought it was a good idea to blog about everything I ate for a whole year, and I knew out of everyone who may stumble across this blog, one person would read it and […]