Just write a f#@%ing blog entry!

Um… yeah. So all of a sudden its October.  Both of our birthdays have come and gone, the trees are releasing their captives that hardly had time to changed to the burning brightness of golds and reds before being forced to fall gracefully to the ground. The heating in our building has been turned on, […]

The thing about Cleveland…

Oh geez, I just found this in our drafts! Shame on me. —————————————————————— Husbandman and I have just returned from a three day weekend in Cleveland involving border crossings and long boring stretches of motorway, but what a three days it was. We went from thinking ‘wow the drivers here are rude’ to ‘where the […]

Just another random blog entry…

So it occurred to me that since I started my course I haven’t blogged. Weird that once you start studying something you love, it ends up being the last thing on your mind while studying it.  As for mentioned study? All is going well, I guess, as far as I know anyway. It involves some […]

Christmas Festivities

The lead up to this Christmas was a difficult one, so I wanted to make it extra special. And of course, for me that means spending a whole lot of quality time in the kitchen. I made ninja bread men, which were so much fun to make (and even more fun to paint their faces), […]


Wow, ok so a fair bit has happened since our last update, but going to limit this entry to our trip to our visit Quebec City.  We decided on Q-Town because none of us had been there before, and it is a Year of Firsts after all, so why not. Plus, there was a total […]

Post Chicago Blues

Aaaahhh Chicago. Where to start… The trip kicked off on Thursday afternoon, we arrived at Waterloo Regional International Airport and its likening to Albury Airport was enough to give me sweaty eyeballs right off the bat. We were on the first American Airlines flight out from KW to Chicago, ever. Its a new route and they […]

Three Years

Three years seems like it’s not really a long time, does it? Yet when I think back and reflect on what has happened over the last 3(ish) years, it turns out a lot has happened, and a whole lot has changed. Just over 3 years ago I was made redundant from BGI in London. After […]