Candy Crack Cookies

Look out people, there is a new kind of crack in town. Irresponsibly yet intentionally, this new crack is in the form of an innocent cookie. I give you… PC’s Candy Cane “Eat the Middle First” Cookies. First I heard about these cookies by word of mouth. Not just any mouth, but my boss who […]

Caesars are the new crack

The first time we came to Canada, I was assured by our good friend Jad that I would love bloody caesars. When I asked what it was made of, and was told in the response ‘clamato juice’ I had to question it. Did you just say clamato? What the hell is clamato?! Turns out its […]

Just another random blog entry…

So it occurred to me that since I started my course I haven’t blogged. Weird that once you start studying something you love, it ends up being the last thing on your mind while studying it.  As for mentioned study? All is going well, I guess, as far as I know anyway. It involves some […]

Vincenzo’s… IM NOT HAPPY!

To be fair, I shouldn’t just say this is a Vincenzo’s problem, especially considering my last post about gluten free and dairy (cow only) free and the pitfalls of trying to work around this dietary ‘requirement’, albeit somewhat self enforced. So… last time we had a work lunch thing I per-ordered gluten & dairy free. […]

2013 – LETS F#@%ING DO IT!

There is a scene at the end of Long Way Round where Ewan and Charley are riding their bikes on the bridge over Hudson River in New York sobbing into their helmets, yelling ‘WE F#@%ING DID IT!’ to each other –  they just rode their bikes around the world from London to New York. Lee and […]

The Bacon Obsession

I am not sure how it started, or even if I started it, but somehow through social media I became some sort of Bacon Stalker, everyone started seeing me as a Bacon Lover, or even a Bacon Expert, if you will. Which is odd really, considering I rarely eat bacon. My most common used words […]

Turkey Sausages… Was that a bad idea?

During our red meat free August (of which we have accidentally fallen face-first-mouths-open on meat twice, whoops), we have been getting pretty tired of lentils, chickpeas, chicken and veg. So when I stumbled across turkey sausages, I was so excited I may have squealed a bit mid meat section in the supermarket. I had a […]