Gluten free redemption…

Ah, the injustice of it. Having to go gluten free bites the big one. It’s no secret how I feel about gluten free products or lifestyle, or my experience with GF bread at my favourite sandwich place in the world, Vincenzo’s. The last ‘real’ sandwich I had from there was nothing short of amazing, but […]

Just write a f#@%ing blog entry!

Um… yeah. So all of a sudden its October.  Both of our birthdays have come and gone, the trees are releasing their captives that hardly had time to changed to the burning brightness of golds and reds before being forced to fall gracefully to the ground. The heating in our building has been turned on, […]

unpleasant anniversaries…

Dear mum, It has been nearly 12 months since you departed this life, and even though you won’t be reading these words I thought I would write them anyway. I have never understood why people focus on the anniversary of a tragedy or something unpleasant, and I have been trying to prepare myself to not […]

Caesars are the new crack

The first time we came to Canada, I was assured by our good friend Jad that I would love bloody caesars. When I asked what it was made of, and was told in the response ‘clamato juice’ I had to question it. Did you just say clamato? What the hell is clamato?! Turns out its […]

The thing about Cleveland…

Oh geez, I just found this in our drafts! Shame on me. —————————————————————— Husbandman and I have just returned from a three day weekend in Cleveland involving border crossings and long boring stretches of motorway, but what a three days it was. We went from thinking ‘wow the drivers here are rude’ to ‘where the […]

Healthy Pizza?

They said that it couldn’t be done. I am on a quest to prove them wrong. To be honest my quest started when I started to cut wheat out of my diet. Well, gluten really. I had a couple of failed attempts at buckwheat baking, and using spelt flour (including an emotional failed attempt at […]

And it begins…

We are only 26 days into our year of ‘LETS/JUST F#@%ING DO IT!’ (happy Australia Day btw), we have achieved quite a lot. Decisions have been made, things have been purchased, and plans are happening as we speak. To start, we wanted a pet. Going with this years theme, we rescued this little guy on […]