Just write a f#@%ing blog entry!

Um… yeah. So all of a sudden its October.  Both of our birthdays have come and gone, the trees are releasing their captives that hardly had time to changed to the burning brightness of golds and reds before being forced to fall gracefully to the ground. The heating in our building has been turned on, […]

unpleasant anniversaries…

Dear mum, It has been nearly 12 months since you departed this life, and even though you won’t be reading these words I thought I would write them anyway. I have never understood why people focus on the anniversary of a tragedy or something unpleasant, and I have been trying to prepare myself to not […]

2013 – LETS F#@%ING DO IT!

There is a scene at the end of Long Way Round where Ewan and Charley are riding their bikes on the bridge over Hudson River in New York sobbing into their helmets, yelling ‘WE F#@%ING DID IT!’ to each other –  they just rode their bikes around the world from London to New York. Lee and […]

Christmas Festivities

The lead up to this Christmas was a difficult one, so I wanted to make it extra special. And of course, for me that means spending a whole lot of quality time in the kitchen. I made ninja bread men, which were so much fun to make (and even more fun to paint their faces), […]

Heading for December

As we plow through November, we are now on the cusp of our final month of our Year of Firsts, and while 2012 is meant to be winding down it also appears to be ramping up. I guess the silly season is like this when thrown upon us (I say that like it comes unexpectedly […]

I Hate Your Gym Updates

Facebook has a whole bucket load of haters out there. People indirectly taking the piss out of other people, and others taking status updates personally as though the whole world revolves around them. Don’t even get me started on the multi-user profile under one name, that just irks the crap out of me. Or the […]