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A little something about me… My name is Anna de Souza, I grew up in a ski resort in Australia called Falls Creek, which makes me an Aussie but I am also half Swiss. I am married to the guy on the next tab across, Lee.  We were married in Montreux, Switzerland in 2009 on our 7 year anniversary. I could dribble on and on about how awesome he is, and get all schmoopy and soppy, but you will get the gist of that through my ramblings so will save you from that here. For now.

I currently work with HR systems, in Waterloo, ON Canada. And I happen to be studying again for the first time in a long time, this time a Master of Arts in writing. Bit of a difference from my current work or study history, honestly though as long as I am learning, I am engaged and I am progressing, I really don’t care where I end up career wise. I have already changed ‘careers’ several times, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Some might call it a lack of aspiration, I  don’t.  I find its a lot harder to get disappointed if you haven’t planned out every moment of your life. Plus I am ambitious in other ways, so I don’t need to worry too much about climbing those corporate ladders.

Lets see, what what about me… I love cooking, and I love food in general. in 2011 I kept a blog of everything I ate for a whole year: 365 Days of Eating. And while it was tough, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  You will notice a lot of my blog posts will be food related, and also that I am a bit of a blog hog on this collective husband/wife musings. I don’t mean to, I guess I just have more to say, or I am quicker at getting it blogged than Lee! My blog entries will always be categorized as ANNA-ISMS,  so y’all can identify which are my general ramblings. What is an Anna-ism? Its a look somewhere between a vacant stare with something stirring in my mind. Lee named it, and its something we have stuck with over the years.

This is me, as of May 2013:


Moving on, I have many passions & interests, although food, beer, wine & travel are probably the top 4.  We are definitely not wine & food snobs, we just know what we like.

Other than that,  I love living in Canada, we have been to some amazing places around the world but this one is like a second home. Although we don’t really have a home, so its kind of hard to categorize.

So that’s me.  Feel free to leave comments on this blog, or contact me if you need, and I hope you enjoy what we are writing about.


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