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This will be a collective blog, we will update more about ourselves and what we are about when we figure out how everything will fit together….

But for now, this is us. We are 30 something year old Australians living in Kitchener ON, Canada. The plan was to go out west where the mountains are large and the bears can eat you, but that was promptly put on hold when we arrived after traveling for six months, and ran out of money. We lived with some friends in Guelph for 7 weeks, in which time our stuff from England finally arrived, one of us secured a job offer locally (a good one), and we moved to Kitchener. That should explain the ‘Why Kitchener’ if you were about to ask, which normally people do.

What do we do? We hang out together.   A lot.  Ever since we met back in the good ol’ Pacific Internet days we have been joined at the hip.  Hell, everyone knew we were an item before we knew ourselves, hardly the Office Scandal 2000. Next thing we knew, we lived together, planned to move from Australia to the UK where the intention was to stay for six months, which turned into nearly 5 years, and everything else just kind of followed.  What else do we do? Well, we eat, and we drink, we travel, and we laugh.  A lot.  And that’s kind of how our lives have been shaped over the last however many years we have known each other.




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