Gluten free redemption…

Ah, the injustice of it. Having to go gluten free bites the big one. It’s no secret how I feel about gluten free products or lifestyle, or my experience with GF bread at my favourite sandwich place in the world, Vincenzo’s.

The last ‘real’ sandwich I had from there was nothing short of amazing, but it gave me one hell of an uncomfortable afternoon at work to get through. Still avoiding the GF bread, I have started to try different treats The Chenz has to offer. On today’s lunch run, I came across gluten free brownies.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I bought two anyway, palmed one off to husbandman, and head back to work.

The time came sooner than I expected for my afternoon snack. I was sipping on a cup of cinnamon herbal tea, and thought yep, the time is ripe.

Lets do this thing.

I don’t think it even lasted two minutes. By the time it occurred to me to take a pic and blog about it, well…



Thank you, Vincenzo’s! You are restoring my faith in GF products. Now to figure out how to make these bad boys…


4 comments on “Gluten free redemption…

  1. Try the GF brownie mix from Bulk Barn – it’s amazing. We’re not GF anymore but we still buy the mix because they’re the best brownies we’ve ever had.

  2. The bad news is, there’s no such thing as decent gluten free bread – not yet. I have looked high and low for it for Courtney – to surprise her with the ta-daah! Found some! But alas – it doesn’t exist. Until they can find a non-gluten substitute that does what gluten does – ie that key bit to bread – the light and spongy bit, you’re going to have to put up with crap tasting ‘cakebread’. Blerk!

    There’s various bakeries around that make fairly decent GF bread, but that’s about it, as a rule, you just wont find it.

    My wife is allergicked to dairy, so that’s our big issue, but Gluten has a bad affect on her too – she cant have that either. Thankfully most other products are pretty easy to find GF. Things like pasta etc – it’s not as nice as real pasta, but the GF pasta is actually not too bad (i eat it too for sake of easy when we’re cooking).

    One thing that surprises me with GF products, is this GF/DF chocolate cake mix we get in the supermarket from time to time – holy crap it’s delicious, you wouldnt know it was lacking those things. It makes up for the lack of sponginess from gluten by using more oil – but yeah, outcome is delish. Same concept with various brownies around.

    You’re lucky you can have dairy, that’s the real problem child. Although these awesome products by Liddells, that make DF milk, cheese and now ice-cream are freakin awesome for her – basically the real thing with just the dairy extracted. Pity they cant do that with gluten and bread. I couldn’t give up bread, i feel for ya there.

    • Yeah I get the cake bread thing. I have seen some interesting ‘raw’ recipes for dehydrated vegetable bread, so hoping to play with that at some point.

      I am also not great with dairy, but I still go there sometimes. Its not an allergy, but an intolerance. I just have to time my dairy intake well (if you get my drift!).
      I am still a fan of avocado brownies, they are dairy free, so just need to try them out with coconut flour. Wish me luck! If they work I will let you know 🙂

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