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Just write a f#@%ing blog entry!

Um… yeah. So all of a sudden its October.  Both of our birthdays have come and gone, the trees are releasing their captives that hardly had time to changed to the burning brightness of golds and reds before being forced to fall gracefully to the ground. The heating in our building has been turned on, and our neglected jackets and boots are receiving a well deserved dustoff for the months of usage ahead. The smell of spiced pumpkin lattes intoxicate the senses of Starbucks customers, cinnamon is suddenly in everything once again, and soup is making a comeback on the menu. Yes, it’s autumn here, it snowed yesterday, and we are not entirely sure how it could possibly be October already! But October it is, and Team de Souza is gearing up for the silly season to commence.

Oh the shame of realising we haven’t actually written an update (and I say ‘we’ as in the Team de Souza collective) since April. In the spirit of  the year of ‘just f#@%ing do it’, this blog entry is born. Here’s a quick run down on the highlights of the last six months, all of which deserve an entry of their own.

We had the pleasure of having some visitors from Australia in May consisting of Steve, Megan and Sandra.  Their visit included quality time spent mincing around wine country, Owen Sound and local KW goodness. And of course, serious rounds Cards Against Humanity were played.


My hair went purple, although that was intentional, because guess what? I wanted to so I just f#@!ing did it! I wont lie to you, I loved it. One day I will do this again. They say blondes have more fun, but clearly they have never gone purple.


We had an amazing weekend camping up north in Killarney, involving some hiking, beer drinking, rubbish bag stealing raccoons and nervous midnight pee breaks while bears could be lurking in the dark outside our tent.




The first annual TacoFest was hosted in town so naturally we tried to partake in as many tacos and beer samplings from local breweries as possible. All you can eat tacos from different vendors makes you think you are going to get your taco on and eat more tacos in one night than you have in the last five years. I can tell you right now, four tacos is actually a lot. Who would have thought?!

We returned to London briefly for a beautiful wedding in July, which really deserves a post of it’s own, so I will get to that soon. London welcomed us back with open arms as did our good friends. My mixed emotions and anticipation of returning quickly melted away with the first ‘mind the gap’ we heard, and our first cider in the street. Ah how we miss drinking in the street. London forgave me for my slurs, rude hand gestures and insults upon leaving as we quaffed many pints and pondered our 5 years in the crazy British city. Both of our works are close to London so we were able to take advantage of that and work for a few days. Unfortunately that meant I couldn’t take my camera as we were loaded with carry-on luggage already. The plan was to buy a new point-and-shoot camera at Toronto airport on our way out, but seriously? That is the worst airport ever! No duty free for us. So we are ashamed to admit, once again we went to another wedding this year without a camera.

After we got back from London, we spent another quality weekend with Team Hughzenbacher in Toronto, which involved everything from cranking tunes in the sun while riding around Toronto Island on a quadbicycle to a four person dance party on a grassy mount outside a rooftop club. Lee turned into a dancing witches hat, and all I could manage to muster between laughing so hard was ‘they were cones’.  Ah, The Wedding Singer, what have you done to me?!


We flew to Boston for a long weekend in September, because…well, we just f#@%ing wanted to. We had a blast, and involved everything from hangovers to food poisoning. Unfortunately it was pre hockey season so we didn’t get to catch a Bruins game. Next time. Boston surprised us, it was a really cool city but not exactly inviting. Still, we had a brilliant time and some fortunate weather toward the end.



We caught up with an old buddy from Australia who was in Toronto for work and treated him to a day filled with non stop hockey. I am not sure his poor existing hangover handled the constant drinking from 12pm well, or my constant yabbering. Thanks for the Tim Tams, Ben!

What else… oh yes, we spent a wonderful four days in Washington DC for some government shutdown fun. Unfortunately the shutdown happened after we already booked the trip, but we went anyway. I nearly peed my pants seeing the White House for the first time, hence the three different angles of it in the pics below.  While we missed out on nearly all the things I wanted to do (museums, monuments, the Lincoln memorial, the Library of Congress, a tour of the pentagon, just to name a few), we had an insanely cracking time. We even managed to catch up with a friend of ours we met in Mongolia back in 2010. Belly laughs all round. Washington DC, we will be back! Such an awesome city, and some ridiculously good food.




And finally, Oktoberfest. If you didn’t already know this, where we live in Canada has the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany, due to the large German community here. This year we hit up Concordia, which is apparently the place to partake in Oktoberfest shenanigans. I think I might leave that for another blog entry, it’s a bit much (and too soon) to talk about here.

I have been mostly enjoying my study and quite proud of my results so far. I passed my first unit quite well, and my second even better which surprised me and reduced me to a sobbing mess. What a relief. I picked it up to two units for this study period, and while I can see the light at the end there is still so much more to do. I don’t think I will do two units at the same time again…

All of these things should have been entries of their own, I apologize for the massively brief rundown on each. I do blame a certain amount of blog neglect on my writing course (they say this about chefs too, the last thing you want to do when you are not cooking is cook). Speaking of food, we have definitely had some amazing culinary experiences over the last six months. I wont bore you with six months of details but will add this pic. We had just devoured an insanely awesome cured meat platter with crack-like pate, and I was demolishing a plate of wild mushroom pappardelle. So ridiculously delicious.


Last but not least, our cat Franklin. What a little delightful monster he is, haha. This is one of the loveliest cats on the planet, and we are lucky to have him in our lives. We did forget what its like having a young kitteh around, and wants to play. Non. Stop. He visits us at 4am for a purr cuddle, and greets us at the door when we come home to give us smooches. Mostly, he sleeps, plays, and meows really loudly at the squirrels outside the window.


So what next for Team de Souza? Well, stay tuned and we will let you know! I promise to be more committed and disciplined to updating this thing. I am planning on writing a lot more, so you may see some different style posts here in the future. Just sayin’. And maybe… Just MAYBE, one day husbandman might make another guest appearance on our blog. Did you hear that, Lee?!  *coughs* 🙂


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