Caesars are the new crack

The first time we came to Canada, I was assured by our good friend Jad that I would love bloody caesars. When I asked what it was made of, and was told in the response ‘clamato juice’ I had to question it. Did you just say clamato? What the hell is clamato?! Turns out its tomato juice… with clams and anchovies.

‘NO WAY’ I promptly refused. That’s disgusting!

Yet less than a week later, feeling a little bullet proof (*coughs*), I signed myself up for one. And what I got was… awesome.

Forget your clams, forget your anchovies, you can’t taste those. Instead you have a bloody mary with a much better taste, and the spicier the better!

Next thing you know I was hooked. At the time, I had to return back to the UK unsatisfied by bloody mary’s, and was constantly prowling for a caesar replacement.  Why isn’t clamato juice available world wide?! How do I get it when not in Canada?!

When we returned to Canada to live, I was all over it. And things got weird.

At the Firkin, I saw a bacon caesar. Yeah, that’s right, a ripply piece of crispy fried bacon. In my drink. I couldn’t go past it, which probably will continue to fuel the rumours of me being a baconmonger, and I have to say, I didn’t hate it. Then came Ethel’s and their amazing caesars with pickled asparagus*.

Yet it was Mike-the-pilot who fuelled this addiction with his ridiculous caesar making abilities. He takes it to the next level, with garnishes that are essentially small meals in themselves. Just look at how happy I am!



Next thing you know, I am mastering the art of caesar making myself, and weeknights will never be the same again. I blame pickled beans! Dang those things are tasty, and don’t taste right without clamato-y spicy goodness.  They  need each other, like bears need rabbits in the woods and unicorns need rainbows.

I know it sounds a bit feral, but folks I have to warn you, caesars are the new crack. They cure hangovers, hunger pains and misery. And they do it so deliciously.  This is one addiction that I am happy with, and if you need me, I will probably be at Ethel’s.

*Did you know that when pickling asparagus it produces a protein build up called rutin? I had to google this after a shock horror incident, only to be relieved to find that its not bad for you at all. Quite the opposite in fact. So don’t worry about the grey stuff you might find on your pickled asparagus, its natural, normal and it won’t kill you.


3 comments on “Caesars are the new crack

  1. Sorry but no. That photo of you holding one…clearly you’ve photoshopped the fingers pulling up your smile out of the image! I don’t think i could even drink a bloody mary to be honest – they just sound feral- let alone with CLAM JUICE AND ANCHOVIES??

    You might as now make one using hotdog water also, /spew

    • I can’t believe I never replied to this. Hotdog water?! That had me in stitches! Then had me thinking of things you could potentially use smelly hotdog water for.

      One day MMD, one day I will have you drinking a caesar and you will bloody love it.


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