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Just another random blog entry…

So it occurred to me that since I started my course I haven’t blogged. Weird that once you start studying something you love, it ends up being the last thing on your mind while studying it.  As for mentioned study? All is going well, I guess, as far as I know anyway. It involves some effort, there is one random (I am sure she wont mind me calling her that) chick in my course who I have full appreciation for, what a gem. Three weeks left of my first unit, and assuming I pass, only 11 to go.

Lets see, since the few updates… Franklin is still kicking ass in his role as the worlds best cat. That little bastard can ignore all the toys we bought him and will play endlessly with butchers string like nobody’s business. In your face catnip!  This cat is chasing the end. Or the beginning, whatever he can get his giant manly fur claws onto.

We had a fly by visit to Australia which served a few purposes – the main one being the wedding of the decade, our good mates Alli & Gerard got married! And like muppets we left our cameras at home (oh the shame) so waiting on some of the crew to share their pics from the grand event. It was a beautiful wedding with sweaty eyeballs and amazing racks of lamb, and while the week leading up in Sydney was iffy weather, the day was ridiculously lovely. But my poor heels, I knew it was ambitious when we had some setting up/take down duties, but they were hot and rockin’ while they lasted.  All of two hours. Bless the handbag that fit my flats! And it was more than ace to hang with Team Helson, always gracious hosts, and whom we miss dearly. I can’t tell you enough how important our crew is. They are family, and it was more than brilliant to get to hang with them at the wedding (you know who you are, most of you saw my drunken toast to you assholes!).  We love ya.

We also got to visit my family in Albury for a few days to start with, and what was better, Lee’s dad was able to come up from Melbourne for a few days. It was ace to see everyone, especially as I haven’t seen Joe & Maret since… Julia Guillard first became prime minister (we were home for a few weeks during our RTW trip, when we landed and KRudd was still PM, by morning no longer). You know, I just googled her name to make sure I got the spelling right, and the first search result was Julia Gulia. Gahahah! Sometimes life throws you a free one 😛

Really good to see our dads hang out too, family is important even through all of life’s fuzzies and curve balls. And when our flight was delayed, Mel rocked our worlds by bringing us some Yums sandwiches, which were, as always, bloody  tasty.


I know, what kind of a shit person am I to get a photo of the sandwich, and none of my family and friends, let alone the wedding?! Still, the sandwich really was rockin’, thank you for rescuing us in an hour of need, Mel. Our trip was another friendly reminder that one week is not enough time to go home for a visit. The trip there was insanely disgusting (I caught a feral head cold on the way and was pretty much green for the first 17 hours of our trip), and the trip back was long and ruined our ideas of what clocks are meant for. Still, totally glad we just f#@%ing did it, it was a mad rush but totally worth it. Except the swollen feet, I probably pushed it with the heels at the wedding as it was, here’s what I came back to Canada with. Ms Piggy would be so proud!


The next big event is heading to London for Helyn’s wedding, where I am actually partaking in the wedding party, as MoH (actually, one of two, but I am the matron, I feel so old). So we are in the midst of planning that trip, more on that later. We have some more ‘lets f#@%ing do it’ plans, but alas nothing to update you with just yet, so stay tuned. For now we are well, healthy, busy, and happy, and that’s all that matters. Will update something more substantial soon. xxx


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