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Vincenzo’s… IM NOT HAPPY!

To be fair, I shouldn’t just say this is a Vincenzo’s problem, especially considering my last post about gluten free and dairy (cow only) free and the pitfalls of trying to work around this dietary ‘requirement’, albeit somewhat self enforced.

So… last time we had a work lunch thing I per-ordered gluten & dairy free. What I got was a ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mustard on the most disgusting stale-like gluten free bread imaginable. Yuck. So when the next one came up, I said I would bring my own lunch.  ‘But we are ordering from Vincenzo’s this time!’. OH BOY! Sign me up! Especially now as The Chenz has gluten free wraps!

So lunch arrives, everyone makes fun of my special order in a bag named ‘Anna’  and I had high hopes. Well, that was wrong of me.  What was in the bag was a turkey, tomato and cucumber sandwich on gluten free bread. With mustard. Seriously people,  is this the only gluten and dairy free option?! Vincenzo’s, I am disappointed! What about sundried tomatoes? Or artichokes? Or roasted eggplant?! Just because I ordered gluten and dairy free doesn’t mean I don’t have taste buds!  Too hungry to argue with my lunch, and not enough time to get something else, I picked the tasteless guts out of the sandwich and left the stale sweet crumbly cake-like ‘bread’ for the trash to feast on.


I feel awful as the lady who organized lunch went to the effort to get this for me, I really do appreciate it. And I know this sounds like a HUGE first world problem, which it is, but sandwich disappointment is something I take seriously, and like my gluten free ‘bread’, I’m gutted.  And I am seriously thinking about my life.

#fml #firstworldproblems #tryingtoeatwell #donthatemecosimbeautiful


One comment on “Vincenzo’s… IM NOT HAPPY!

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