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Thrive – my new favourite thing

Over the weekend I met with my friend Lindsey for lunch, and we embarked upon somewhere new to us both. I have been tempted by this place for sometime, but have been a bit wary of its potential hipster population and reputation.  But the menu has always appealed to me, especially when it comes to a total lack of healthy eateries in this town. So we did it, we bit the bullet and we gave it a bash.

I ordered the pad thai (I was was meant to go with raw but stuck with the rice noodles).  And oh my god, it was delicious.  So delicious in fact that I was kicking myself for not taking a photo, and have been thinking about it every since.  Look what my husband picked up for my lunch today! Three words – win win win. I love this dish, and look at it, in all its vege goodness. This has quickly moved up my favourite things list, especially on the local front.


Man, I wish I was Oprah. I would be able to randomly point at people and say ‘You get pad thai! You get pad thai! You get pad thai! EVERYOOOOONNNNE GETS PAD THAI!’.

Don’t let its saladness turn you off, the flavours in this ridiculously good dish are enough to satisfy even the most hipsterish of pallets. Be warned for nut allergies though (sorry guys, but its the nuts in this that totally tips it over the awesome scale!).

Seriously, if you are in town, give Thrive Juice Bar a crack. The staff are lovely, menu options are plentiful, and the daily specials are enough to tempt you out of your original decision. I foresee a-plenty more visits, this one is a keeper.


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