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And it begins…

We are only 26 days into our year of ‘LETS/JUST F#@%ING DO IT!’ (happy Australia Day btw), we have achieved quite a lot. Decisions have been made, things have been purchased, and plans are happening as we speak.

To start, we wanted a pet. Going with this years theme, we rescued this little guy on a whim:


His name is Franklin and he is awesome. I can’t tell you how nice it is to finally share our home with a fur child again, its been too long.

If you think making decisions on pets is big, check out our next big decision we made and pick up on Tuesday next week.


Wooooah… WE F#@%ING DID IT! WE TOTALLY F#@%ING DID IT! And while its sad to bid farewell to our Passat, we are dead keen to get going in this piece of joy.

Study starts for me shortly (I’m going to f#@%ing do it), Lee is looking at his own study options, and the planning for the remainder of this year is happening. However, life is what happens when you are busy making plans, so some of our ideas may need to wait for 2014 funding, due to some exciting developments around the world.

Our good friends Alli & G are getting hitched back home in Australia. Given our vacation allowance here in Canada means its going to be a whirlwind of a trip. But you know what? We are totally going to f#@%ing do it in a one week there-and-back-again stint, but alas sans Bilbo Baggins. It’s going to be brilliant.

My good friend Helyn asked me to be her matron of honour in her wedding in the UK come July. And you know what? I’m totally going to f#@%ing do it.  I have never officially been in a wedding party before, other than my own, so I am dead chuffed and excited. And I have to say, really honoured, no pun intended.

Let the games continue, plenty more to come. So far I can report we are loving the freedom of our decision making, and even if there are some restrictions that come with it, it is definitely very liberating.  Although this has a financial impact, you cant take money with you when you cross over, so why not live a little?!

I am hoping in 11 months we look back and have a drink and say we f#@%ing did all of it. Probably followed by a ‘sh!t yeah!’ and a beer chaser.


One comment on “And it begins…

  1. Don’t know who looks better Franklin or the car !!@@## What’s the cars name btw – can’t just keep calling it “the car”. Both look awesome !! Joan

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