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2013 – LETS F#@%ING DO IT!

There is a scene at the end of Long Way Round where Ewan and Charley are riding their bikes on the bridge over Hudson River in New York sobbing into their helmets, yelling ‘WE F#@%ING DID IT!’ to each other –  they just rode their bikes around the world from London to New York. Lee and I watch Long Way Round & Long Way Down repeatedly, we find these guys and what they achieved so motivating and inspiring, as well as really damn funny. But for some reason, of all the quotable quotes, the one that resonates with me the most is the sobbing into the helmets. WE F#@%ING DID IT. Every time I watch that scene, something bubbles up in my chest, and I think to myself: I want that feeling.

A few months back, while watching the end of Long Way Round again, it got me thinking.  The cogs were turning and the mice running around in their wheel were doing hefty overtime. Our Game of Firsts year of 2012 was coming to an end but we didn’t want to stop having firsts, or pushing ourselves into things outside of our comfort zones. Then it hit me – why cant 2013 be our ‘Lets F#@%ing Do it!’ year? That way, we can have a whole year of similar moments. Once we just f#@%ing do it, we can say we  f#@%ing did it! Fist bumps, tears and all.

So in 2013 we will continue to push ourselves, try new things, be positive, and most of all feel proud of our achievements. And if we want to do something, well guess what, we f#@%ing will!  I am looking 2013 straight in the eye when I say from the bottom of my heart, lets  f#@%ing do this thing.

This becomes a new years resolution in itself. I was originally going to make mine to stop swearing, but I guess with this years theme that might be a bit difficult… Happy New Year everyone xx


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