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Wow, ok so a fair bit has happened since our last update, but going to limit this entry to our trip to our visit Quebec City.  We decided on Q-Town because none of us had been there before, and it is a Year of Firsts after all, so why not. Plus, there was a total lack of winter weather (ie snow) here in KW, so if it wasn’t coming to us, dammit, we would have to go to it.

The morning started at 5am, we were out the door by 5:25. Pretty good effort really, although I had been up for what seemed like forever already. Lee did most of the driving, I did a short 1 hour stint after we passed Toronto (the 401 is just too insane between here & Toronto), and it snowed a little. Then a little more. The closer we got to the border of Quebec, the hairier the roads got. I have to say Lee did a marvellous job on those roads, I had the same level of pride and appreciation as when he ‘became one’ with LA traffic!  We had some lunch just outside of Montreal, and arrived safely in Quebec around 4pm. And it was snowing. A lot.

We had a quick rest, then decided to explore the neighbourhood to find a pint. Well, that exploration didn’t last long, there was a brewery called Korrigane behind our hotel, so we stayed for a few, and head back to the hotel to eat some left over sandwiches from the drive up via some exploring the streets in the hood.


The next day would have to be one of the best days we have had in a long time. I was worried about Quebec, as a few years ago Lee and I went to Montreal, and lets just say we didn’t have a very good time… Quebec is… awesome. It was beautiful, the people were friendly, its easy to get around, and honestly, at Christmas time, it was simply stunning.  We roamed around down town and head up to the old town, which was really, really cool. We were told it was touristy, so we didn’t expect much from that, but oh my gosh, it was beautiful, and we had SO. MUCH. FUN! Loads of roaming, loads of photos, and I am not going to lie to you, loads of beer! We stopped at an Irish bar for lunch which was run by a French woman who lived in Switzerland most of her life. Naturally her and dad chatted for a while!  Lunch was tasty, I had my first burger of the day, a veg burger, which was pretty good. Then more roaming, more photos, and yes, more beer.  We played on old cannons, we climbed more stairs than you can poke a stick at, we tooled around in the snow in front of a massive blue light Christmas tree while the technicians were fixing it, and we got snowed on, a lot. In the evening we head back to Korrigane for some dinner (and beer), and my first two attempts at ordering something tasty from the menu failed due to insufficient supplies in the kitchen, so this day will go down in history as my Two Hamburgers day. And the second burger wasn’t too bad actually…


DSC05875 - Copy






On the morning of Day 2 I felt like it was a bit of a lull, probably because the day before was so awesome, maybe partly because of all the beer we drank! But we hopped on a bus and head out to Montmorency Falls, and it was a beautiful day. Still cold, but crisp, and the sun was a welcome warming distraction on our otherwise blisteringly cold cheeks! And not just the cheeks on our faces, if you know what I mean… The walk from the bus to the falls was too tempting to not do, who needs to follow a road when you can walk through the trees in the snow?



The falls were beautiful, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the height on either the bridge or the observation deck, but I enjoyed it none the less. Beautiful view too, and only a 40min bus ride from down town. Win!

We did a wee spot of shopping in the afternoon, and I think feeling a little exhausted, cold and in need of an early night before the long drive back home we went back to the hotel for a rest. We decided to eat in the hotel restaurant for dinner instead of going out, and I have to say, it was a delicious meal. No hamburgers for me, not today! Really happy with our hotel, got a last minute deal that was cheap as, and the rooms were huge and comfortable. Win win!

The drive home was not as hairy as the drive in, but when it was my turn I didn’t like it at all. We stopped for dinner on the way home in some crazy little town, and was home by 11pm. Probably too far to drive for just a three night/two day visit, but damn, I am glad we went. Q-Town has totally redeemed the province from our previous experience in Montreal. Q-Town, I think we will see you again.




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