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Heading for December

As we plow through November, we are now on the cusp of our final month of our Year of Firsts, and while 2012 is meant to be winding down it also appears to be ramping up. I guess the silly season is like this when thrown upon us (I say that like it comes unexpectedly like an uninvited neighbour who pops over when you are in your PJ’s with cake batter down your front), and I am pretty sure every year I do the same double-take at our calendar as it continues to bulge at its digital seams. People get busy at this time of year, and it is now obvious we aren’t any different. We may be on the other side of the planet from our home, our families and our crew, but damn, if there isn’t still a lot to do!

It’s natural to be reflective at this time of year, and go through the standard ‘what happened, what have I done, what did we do, was it worth it‘ (and who can forget ‘how much did it all cost‘), but now is not the time for that, no doubt we will do a recap later on. I personally think we have plenty of good things still to look forward to this year.  While it might not make up for everything that has happened this year, the wounds are healing and I personally see a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel, even if its a glimmer of tinsel and the sound of baubles falling from the tree and smashing on the floor. It’s true, I really do love Christmas time, and while this year is going to be a difficult one, I am feeling pretty lucky.

Firstly, my dad is coming to stay with us for five weeks. We have some time off, and I believe we will sneak in a few more cheeky Game of Firsts in there before ringing in the new year. I am chuffed my dad is coming to stay. I was worried about how to entertain my old man while he is here, how to keep him occupied and wondering if he will like where are in our lives at the moment. Not being a parent myself, it took a while to occur to me that my dad is in fact an adult, and a parent, and is perfectly capable of telling me what he wants or how he feels at the time! So I stopped wasting time worrying, and now just really excited that I will see him on Sunday night.  The rest will work itself out.

Also in the last few months I have thought about, planned, researched, stewed over, and finally bit the bullet on something that has been in my thoughts for a while now. After a pep talk from Vickie (if you don’t have a Vickie I suggest you go get yourself one), I finally applied to do a masters program in writing. I was accepted, I have accepted my acceptance, and as of last night I am officially enrolled and start in February 2013.  I haven’t studied for 13 years (actually to be fair, I have never studied – I have no idea how to, so better sort that out eh), when I walked out on a half completed chemistry degree. The time is ripe, and while the Game of Firsts draws to an end, a new themed year approaches and this falls delightfully under that umbrella. But more on that another time.

For now we focus on making our little temporary home filled with Christmas cheer, including the usual Die Hard marathon, decorations, Christmas tunes, gingerbread men and mulled wine, all while waiting for the snow to settle. Sharing this with my awesome husband who rocks my world. That guy is a legend, he really is my rose coloured glasses and this year would have been a complete disaster without him.  I am also feeling lucky that I have so many awesome people in my life. The majority of our friends may be sprinkled from Toronto to Toowoomba*, and our family and crew seem so far away, I am more than lucky and extremely thankful to have these people in our lives,  and I/we think about you every day.

Embrace the festive season everyone, chin up, pip pip! Now where did I put my hot cider….

*Disclaimer:  We may not actually have any friends in Toowoomba but it really makes the sentence, don’t you think?


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