Bacon Burgers & Bubbles

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Lanc with Ryan, one of Lee’s workmates.  He had never been… and c’mon, it’s the Lanc. You gotta go to the Lanc! Over some serious meat eating, he mentioned that he had the craziest most illegal burger I had ever heard of, the bacon burger. The bacon burger isn’t a hamburger with bacon. Not at all. There is no beef patty present in the bacon burger. It turns out the bacon burger is a patty made entirely of bacon. Ryan mentioned that he was going to attempt to recreate this bacon burger experience himself, and next thing you know, invites were given, we tee’d up the time, and we were on our way to bacon burger goodness.

Now, I know this blog entry isn’t going to do anything with my self proclaimed non obsession of bacon, but how could we not be intrigued? Who wouldn’t want to taste a burger o’ bacon? Last night, we were treated to our first (and might have to be our last) bacon burger experience.  To be honest I was a little anxious leading up to the bacon burger. What was I getting myself into? So I did what any good woman would do, I bought two bottles of prosecco to the party.

The best thing about these burgers was the simplicity, albeit not in the effort in production. First there was the patty. Ryan did an amazing job of keeping it as lean as possible, disposing of the fat and rind, and only including meaty bacon. A huge effort of about 2 hours of cutting bacon, hats of meat off to you Ryan.

While these meatjoys were spending quality time on the bbq, Ryan pulled out the brie. Yes, brie. There were three of us, and he pulled out two wheels of brie and I was like.. omg how much of that are you going to use?! Turns out just the one, I was half expecting him to pull out a third wheel so we had one each! Moving on, you may be expecting the brie to be sliced longways, I know I was. But Ryan is a genius, he cut them into discs.  Each of us lucky carnivores had a disc of brie on our bacon burgers. Holy shit.

Now I mentioned the simplicity of the burger. There were no condiments, none were required, and we wanted to avoid the distraction from the burgerliciousness we were about to endure. So essentially, bbq’d bacon burgers with melted brie on a calabrese bun. Daaaaaammmmn. There was talk of bbq sauce, there was talk of mayonnaise. But these bad boys didn’t need any of that. Shit, they were delicious. Who would have thought?! And while I know I shouldn’t and wont have another bacon burger for a while, I can’t help but wonder what avocado might add to the party….

Cheers Ryan, that was a hearty and most excellent meatventure.


3 comments on “Bacon Burgers & Bubbles

  1. so awesome, i’m starving and just got a craving for bacon.. mmm. 😉

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