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I give that sandwich a 10/10

I am a huge fan of Vincenzo’s, I really am. I have tried all sorts of sandwiches in my time, and I do make mean sandwiches, if I do say so myself.  However I usually default back to the ol’ trusty rare roast beef on dark rye. Bloody delicious, and has inspired many o’blog entries, especially this one.

There is something about Vincenzo’s that has us hooked. The store itself is awesome, with an amazing cheese selection, but their sandwiches? They are the best in town, no doubt about it.  But with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes the trusty ol’ rare roast beef on dark rye doesn’t cut it. Not because it is ever a bad sandwich, hell no. It’s the simple fact of when you have had the worlds best sandwich, well, no other sandwiches compare, even from the same store. Cue unwarranted sandwich disappointment.

Because of this unwarranted (and unwanted) feeling and expectation, I have started varying it up a bit. Shaking it up if you will. Keeping it real. I am exploring all that Vincenzo’s has to offer. I have been trying different breads. I have been trying different meats. And, oh yes, I have been trying different fillings. And today, my experimental curiosity and patience paid off. Today, I had a full 10/10 on the sandwich scale. And I loved every moment. Even the moment at the end when I reached for the remainder of my dear sandwich and realising it was all gone, giving me that pang of sadness that something so special was over so quickly.

Today’s sandwich was bought to me by lean turkey, light rye, artichoke caponata, lettuce, cucumber and my good friend pesto mayo. Holy shit, this sandwich was on fire, and has given me the lift I needed before the weekend. Happy Friday Everyone!


One comment on “I give that sandwich a 10/10

  1. Sandwiches – yes I am with you Anna, a good sandwich is a heavenly delight !!! As I have always said I could quite happily eat them for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – in fact have been known to on more than one occasion. “Yums” in Albury Australia goes close to the best “store bought’ ones i have had – but when I do come to Canada Vincenzo’s will be the first point of call !!!! Yum !!!! Joan

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