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Toronto Underground Market (and other Toronto shenanigans)

What a huge weekend just gone. Well, I say huge, but it wasn’t that huge, just constant. We left KW straight after work on Friday, stopped for a shameful dinner which we both regretted on the way, and arrived safely at our hotel around 8pm.  We met up with Team Hughezenbacher at their new apartment not long after, and stayed for a few wines before calling it a night.

Saturday was an early start, filled with shopping and wandering around, the weather was amazing and we were gearing up for the Toronto Underground Market. A friend recommended it some time ago, so when I found the time and date tickets went on sale for the August market, I put some time aside in my work calendar to ensure we got tickets. Nerd! We were joined by two foodies we met when in Ottawa a few months ago, always a pleasure to have new food experiences with fellow foodies. And these foodies are excellent foodies!

We met at Broadview Station where there was a free shuttle to the market. The line was huge when we got there, and it was hot, but lucky for us there was a guy selling… uh… crushed ice in a cup with flavours?! Not exactly a snow cone, but similar. Same same but different.  Anyway, one ginger mojito later, the line was moving and we were finally in.

First stop was for drink tickets. There were several breweries represented there, and apparently wineries but I never saw them, I think they may have been a myth, or lost in one of the obscene queues. Beer in hand we tried to figure out our game plan.

We started with a smoked porchetta role with coleslaw. It apparently had some spicy sauce in it, but it was pretty weak, I didn’t get any kick from it. Still was delicious, albeit a little difficult to eat!

We followed that up with some oysters with watermelon, ginger, and something else I cant remember sauce. I have never really been big on oysters but these bad boys from PEI were bloody delicious.

Jenn had a meatball… roll? Semi sub? Sandwich? Either way it looked & smelled divine, and I *may* have had meatball envy. But we had to pace ourselves.

Next stop we head toward one of the most amazing burgers I have ever tasted in my life with the West Side Beef Co. Ribbed Stuffed Whole Beef Burgers, anyone?! Yes please! Lee queued up (we shared half), and I went to get myself a refreshment.

Somehow, not sure how or why it took us so long, we ended up in the tequila line. And damn, we should have started with this, not beer! Not saying Hogtown wasn’t delicious, but there was something about those tequila drinks that had our names all over it.

There was some samosa consumption – a trio of beef, butter chicken, and vegetables. I though the chicken samosa would kick the other samosas asses, but damn they were all fine, and completely nomable.

Oh, and I can’t forget about those insane risotto balls.  Gah! Yum!

Finally, we couldn’t say no to some avocado & goats cheese icecream. I am not going to lie to you, I was expecting to have my mind blown. But it wasn’t. It tasted like cold avocado and goats cheese. I know that might sound ridiculous, but that’s the only way I can describe it, exactly what it was.

We missed out on a few things – tacos, ribs & lobster rolls, but the queues for those were insane and we kept thinking that the queue time probably outweighs the end product. I did manage to take a photo of a girls ribs as she left them lovingly rest at her feet.  Personally, ribs that look like that should be held on to, not left on the ground. Where were we, in The Sims?! They were good lookin’ ribs…

I also regret not trying something from Bunzz, they looked insanely delicious.  Overall, the market was good fun and something different to do. I personally loved the venue, and though there were huge queues to some things, the limited tickets meant while crowded it wasn’t insane. I think we left at a good time – early in meant early out, and we avoided some of the latter crowd which suited us just fine. Plus it gave us the chance to stop for a cleansing pint or two on the way home.

So good food, good company, something new and a weekend away. Can’t complain with that. We were going to go canoeing on Sunday but head home exhausted instead.  Next stop, another Team Hughezenbacher event… Heather’s 30th! Look out Toronto, we are coming back, and this time with party outfits.


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