Comfort Food

I will spare you the details, but today I had a really crummy day, and was in need of some comfort food. Yesterday I took the left over Slow Cooked Chilli Beans out of the freezer, as we are running out of food options. Always hard when husbandman is on shift – his breakfast is at 3pm, his lunch is my dinner, and I normally send him off with dinner to eat after midnight. It’s all a bit whack, and a bit of a first world problem.

So today there were defrosted beans to be consumed, and after I sent him off to work with a hearty portion to add to his lunch bag o’fun, it turned out there was more than enough left over for me. I decided while moping my way around the apartment that I would heat them up, but I wanted more. Stuff the microwave, instead I cracked an egg in it and baked it for 20 mins.  And I am not going to lie to you, it was good. Really good. The only thing that could have improved this would be cheese and pancetta. Of course.  But still, I am not complaining, I feel somewhat comforted!



2 comments on “Comfort Food

  1. Hey sugar. Someone is reading babeeeee!!! I love and miss you very much. Beans look so yummy, I’m tarvin’.

    • Hey Mel! I kind of used the beans recipe from the mag mum sent me (that’s the one I didn’t realise was the same as yours!) so have a look, highly recommend it, but make sure you use pancetta or bacon haha. Thanks for stopping by, love having readers so keep it up! smooches xx

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