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Beaver Tails

So I have lived in Canada for nearly two years, and I have never had a Beaver Tail. Not even when we holidayed here years ago. WHAT ?! I hear you cry? It’s true. The first BT opportunity I had I decided against it (a bit like with poutine), as I was thinking of my forever growing waistline. Husbandman also hadn’t had one before, but he has had a bite of one during that above mentioned opportunity, but we think that doesn’t really count.

After much discussion of how this year is meant to be a Year of Firsts, we decided this weekend to go get one. And it took us a two hour drive to achieve this. (I am sure there was one closer but we fancied a road trip anyway).

So my first Beaver Tail. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so we ordered the Apple Cinnamon. This is what happened.

It started with an ‘UH OH’ as I had NO idea how huge they were, we got one each.  I took a bite, thought about it, looked at it, realised how freakin’ sticky they were, but it didn’t stop me and I went in for more. And I am pleased to announce that not only did I eat the whole thing and wear half of it on my face, it was bloody delicious. I fear more Beaver Tails to come this winter, but will try to not make a habit of it. Good thing they are not readily available around here….


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