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Toronto Underground Market (and other Toronto shenanigans)

What a huge weekend just gone. Well, I say huge, but it wasn’t that huge, just constant. We left KW straight after work on Friday, stopped for a shameful dinner which we both regretted on the way, and arrived safely at our hotel around 8pm.  We met up with Team Hughezenbacher at their new apartment […]

Comfort Food

I will spare you the details, but today I had a really crummy day, and was in need of some comfort food. Yesterday I took the left over Slow Cooked Chilli Beans out of the freezer, as we are running out of food options. Always hard when husbandman is on shift – his breakfast is […]

Turkey Sausages… Was that a bad idea?

During our red meat free August (of which we have accidentally fallen face-first-mouths-open on meat twice, whoops), we have been getting pretty tired of lentils, chickpeas, chicken and veg. So when I stumbled across turkey sausages, I was so excited I may have squealed a bit mid meat section in the supermarket. I had a […]

Beaver Tails

So I have lived in Canada for nearly two years, and I have never had a Beaver Tail. Not even when we holidayed here years ago. WHAT ?! I hear you cry? It’s true. The first BT opportunity I had I decided against it (a bit like with poutine), as I was thinking of my […]

Slow Cooked Chilli Beans

I recently bought a slow cooker. Seemed like the thing to do, everyone has one, raves about them, and I got it dirt cheap from Canadian Tire. About a year ago when I first started using my cast iron dutch oven, my mum sent me a recipe book for slow cookers, with broad guidelines of […]