I Hate Your Gym Updates

Facebook has a whole bucket load of haters out there. People indirectly taking the piss out of other people, and others taking status updates personally as though the whole world revolves around them. Don’t even get me started on the multi-user profile under one name, that just irks the crap out of me. Or the Impending Cull announcements accompanied with a ‘good luck’ tacked on the end of it.

I personally try to keep Facebook light, entertaining when I can, and keep as much personal or serious business off it. Unless its a bloody good rant, then I am all over it. I personally don’t think it is an appropriate forum for certain announcements, but hey, its up to the user really (and they are your “friends” after all, which is a whole other story). Today is all about those who hate gym related status updates. Now be warned, this may get controversial.

I used to have no problem with telling anyone who would bother reading that I had just accomplished a sweaty double spin class, or even ‘checking’ myself into my gym and/or class etc. I didn’t really think twice about it, to me declaring it wasn’t really a big deal. In fact, sometimes I found it motivated me, and helped me accomplish my goals. That was until I noticed an epidemic of gym/diet/exercise related posts, from the usual suspects, accompanied with ‘motivational’ pictures that might as well have a Nike sign slapped on them. And lets not forget the ‘if you have time for Facebook, you have time to go to the gym’ speech.
Then came the tagging of a friend on someones picture of a buff carved goddess which is clearly not a friend or the other 26 people tagged in it (no offense ladies).
Then came the haters, and their ‘funny’ someecard.com pictures:

So from there I have decided to keep my gym crap out of the haters faces and off Facebook.  Well, not just for the haters, I started to see how annoying it is, and how useless this information is to other people, other than to give them ammunition. Let this be my vow to never post about a really good workout, or a really challenging fitness regime, or check myself in at Columbia Lake Health Club ever again on Facebook.  I will still skip through your own gym posts, or anti gym posts. I will try to overlook your religious rants, your obsession with roller derby, or your cries about how crap your life is. I will laugh at your self claimed stupidity, and try to ignore the terrible photos you make your children pose in.  I get it, you are a feminist, good for you. And yep, I can see you still hate Facebook but still use it.

As long as no one hates on my food photos & posts, I am all good. If you do, well, I will most definitely have beef with you.

See what I did there?


2 comments on “I Hate Your Gym Updates

  1. Meeting some big goal might be worth a post… what if you won the olympics high jump? Or ran a marathon? Or swam a lake? I do see where you’re going though…

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I’m all for bragging rights on Facebook, I was having a rant about the negative cycle and habits, and how others use it as ammo. So just a tongue in cheek rant, that is all 🙂

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