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Cambridge Mill

A couple of weeks ago, Husbandman and I headed out to the Cambridge Mill for our anniversary dinner. It was our 3 year wedding anniversary, and our 10 year anniversary together. We were going to go to Cambridge Mill for a date night some time ago, but I wasn’t well so we cancelled our reservation and added it back on the ‘to do list’. So the time was ripe, and after everything that has been going on, we were looking forward to a nice dinner together, something new, some good food and good times. And good times we got. What a beautiful place! We were lucky enough to be seated on the patio(ish) area, its not really a patio but the glass walls fold back and the room opens up, and it was a gorgeous day. The menu was just as stunning as the day, and we both ordered a glass of bubbly as we looked over our options.

My view while sipping on bubbly

I started with seared scallops and pork belly. Lee went with a calamari chorizo dish that I didn’t really understand, nor did I want to try… I don’t mind calamari but I really don’t like the squeaky tentacles with the sucker things on them! First world problem, I know. Both were lovely (I took Lee’s word for it), and we ordered a glass of wine to go with our mains.

Seared scallops & pork belly

Tentacles. I mean, calamari with chorizo.

I had the Texas Longhorn, which came with some crushed potatoes, honey mushrooms & snow peas. I ordered it medium rare as its such a lean meat, and it was divine. I devoured it without hesitation. Lee had the rib eye and by gosh it was one of the tastiest bits of meat we have tried. Yes, I did get to try it, and it was good.  And I am not one who orders ‘fries’ with a meal at a restaurant, especially a nice one, but the parmesan truffle fries had our name all over it, so we got some, and while we were unable to eat them all, totally worth the ridiculous $8 we paid for them! Best… fries… ever.

Texas Longhorn, parmesan truffle fries & Lee’s steak over there somewhere

Lee’s rib eye

They really looked after us at Cambridge Mill. They didn’t even know it was our anniversary (when Lee booked they asked if it was a special occasion, he had the brains to say no, as we absolutely despise being doted on in restaurants!). The service was great, it was a beautiful day, and I can’t wait to go back and try one of the other 100 things I wanted on the menu.


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