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An Audience of One

I mentioned in my last entry that I write for an audience of one. This all started last year when I thought it was a good idea to blog about everything I ate for a whole year, and I knew out of everyone who may stumble across this blog, one person would read it and love it. That person was my mother. The idea came about when I found out mum had been diagnosed with cancer in December 2010. I found this huge devastating news threw me into reflection mode.  I pondered on the fact that the majority of our conversations, emails and voice mails to each other involved food somehow. ‘Hi, its me mum, just wondering what you are doing, and whats for dinner, I am preparing beans for a bean salad…’.

So I started blogging. About food. And I told a good friend of mine that if mum was the only person in the world reading my blog, well that would be enough for me to keep going.

When my year of declaring everything I ate on the internet was over, my mum was a little disappointed it ended, as was I, as it turned out to be much more than a list of everything I consumed. It became a hobby, and an obsession.  While it was a relief to stop telling whoever cared everything I ate in 2011, she was right, there would be a void that I needed to fill. That’s when my husband and I decided to create this blog as a collective effort. So far his efforts have only been features in my own updates and is yet to blog himself, but I foresee that changing very soon.

And so began my mission for a new blog. While I do write for myself, for my husband and for anyone else who reads this and enjoys it, I always had my mum in mind. As of course, so many of my entries are still all about food, and for good reasons.

Unfortunately my mum passed away two weeks ago. This has been an incredibly difficult time for my family,  and something that has impacted us all in ways we cannot describe. I am the youngest of five kids, and we all had a different relationship with mum. It was important for me to be with my family last week, however I am not yet ready to write about it, I am still finding this hard to grasp and it is definitely still too personal to share right now.

It saddens me that mum will no longer read my blog entries, but she gave me one hell of a compliment a few weeks ago. She thinks I will write a book one day. Well mum, I think you might be right. But for now, I think I will continue blogging, and will keep writing for an audience of one.

Love you mum, and I miss you.


One comment on “An Audience of One

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