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I Hate Your Gym Updates

Facebook has a whole bucket load of haters out there. People indirectly taking the piss out of other people, and others taking status updates personally as though the whole world revolves around them. Don’t even get me started on the multi-user profile under one name, that just irks the crap out of me. Or the […]

Cambridge Mill

A couple of weeks ago, Husbandman and I headed out to the Cambridge Mill for our anniversary dinner. It was our 3 year wedding anniversary, and our 10 year anniversary together.¬†We were going to go to Cambridge Mill for a date night some time ago, but I wasn’t well so we cancelled our reservation and […]

An Audience of One

I mentioned in my last entry that I write for an audience of one. This all started last year when I thought it was a good idea to blog about everything I ate for a whole year, and I knew out of everyone who may stumble across this blog, one person would read it and […]