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The Taco Fiesta

A little while ago I had an idea. More of a vision really. I thought it would be a great idea if my team at work threw a party for the whole of HR. You see, my team is really rather small (four of us) and we all love a good meal, so why not? My vision had ground beef. My vision had chicken. My vision had jalapenos. My vision was… tacos.

So when I pitched it to my team, I thought I might have some selling to do, but they were all on board the moment it came out of my mouth. So that was it! We decided on a date, we decided on a menu, and we divvied up the duties.

On the day we used my boss (Janine)’s slow cooker in our director (Tracy)’s office to cook up the chook. Smelled absolutely divine. My colleague Ingrid made ridiculously good taco beef, and Janine made probably the tastiest guacamole I have ever had. I made a vegetarian option (which I noticed not just the vegetarians ate, always a good sign) and a fruit punch (a sort of non alcoholic sangria, if you will) and the party kicked off at lunch o’clock.

I have to say, the taco line was adorable. We were chuffed to see everyone in HR queue up and help themselves to a taco or two (and rave about how good they were). We had soft shell, hard shell, corn chips including habanero lime flavoured ones,  more salsas than you could poke a stick at, the thickest sour cream imaginable (hey Ingrid?! It was Premium Gold, for $1.99!) some kicker peppers & a hot sauce to boot. And a 1kg bag of cheese, of course.  We thought we had too much food, but after about 30ish (maybe an exaggeration) of the Hungry Hungry HR folks whisked through like an untidy tornado leaving a trail of taco debris, it was all gone.  I personally think the best part was having everyone mingle for 15 minutes. Apparently we are too busy to do this on a daily basis, so it was a good excuse to stop, walk, talk & eat tacos.

The start of the taco line before it got busy…


So if you are thinking about hosting something for colleagues at work, I would highly recommend the Taco Fiesta.


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