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A Random Entry…

Yesterday I had my hair done by Paris. And I loved every minute of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am definitely a woman that loves a pint at the pub, I love F1 and other such sports, but sometimes its just bloody lovely to get my hair done. The colour, the wash & the head massage, and of course, the cut. Anyway, moving on, afterwards, Lee and I head to our favourite pub here, Ethel’s. I consumed three pints of Mill Street Organic and a Porkadilla, and upon deciding to go bowling we promptly decided to NOT go bowling as the wedding party beside us did the drunk ‘WOO HOO! LETS GO BOWLING’ howl.

Tired eyes

So instead we went home via the Beer Store, and sat out side for a bit before the storm clouds came in. We spent some quality time with Ewan & Charley, watched a movie, all while consuming a few more beers. Dinner time kicked in, and I had a brilliant idea, lets walk to Arabesque for a feast! Well, we were that many beers in it was agreed a good idea by all parties (aka Lee), and we set off. Before departure, we thought it would be ‘amusing’ to take a camera and show yall the trip, our neighbourhood, and whatever we passed on the way. And this is it!

Locking our ghetto door

Husbandman stands up straight (and recycles on our way out)

Our garage & walkway

Two geeks in a pod. Tired eyes need glasses!

Our corner store ‘Sunnys’

Local fire station

Dave’s. Random chip place we thought was derelict until we saw it open a few weeks ago, with queues and swarms of people eating chips….


Other side of the tracks

Our local petrol station, and the price is down…

A typical Canadian path that leads nowhere. That cant be good…



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