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A Ridiculously Good Pork Accident

Now don’t get excited, I’m not pregnant! We seriously had a ridiculously good pork accident today. It all started when we did the grocery shopping on Monday, and noticed pork loins were on special again, so we picked up a maple & sage pork loin for $6, and it was huge. Anyway, the plan was for us to cook it tonight, but I was feeling completely uninspired by it. Pork and salad. Joy. And then again for lunch tomorrow. Hoorah. (I know, first world problems, right?).  Until I realised we were out of anything remotely salad like.

We talked at length (as we do) about our options, and I fessed up, all I felt like was a pork sandwich. On our yummy high protein bread. With seeded mustard. And maybe some cheese. It was agreed, and we popped the loin in the oven for 25 minutes of roastin’. A few minutes later, while the cogs were turning, I had an epiphany. A vision, if you will. The midichlorians were leading me somewhere. Somehow… the vision of coleslaw came into my head, and I knew. I knew at that moment I needed coleslaw. I turned to Lee. ‘Coleslaw. In the sandwich. With the pork.’

And the response was ‘YES!’. So Lee jumped in the car, scooted off to the supermarket, and came back with some store made coleslaw that neither of us had high expectations of but were ready for it anyway. And oh my gosh, it exceeded those expectations. Slightly creamy, slightly vinegary, with a hint of dill. And not too much carrot which I have been known to spiral into a carrot rage when the ratio is all off.

THIS my friends is what we had for dinner:

Mustard, pork & coleslaw. A dinner for fit kings, and sometimes kings have sandwiches for dinner! I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow…


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