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A Weekend in Toronto

It’s been a while since we have been away, and it was also a pretty hectic week last week so husbandman and I decided the time was ripe to get away. And by getting away, we mean driving about an hour and a half down the road for a weekend in Toronto.

Toronto is a weird one, we haven’t exactly had an amazing time the few times we have been there. We found it crowded, busy, and Toronto folks are a little different than your average Canadian. I think after living in London we found it too similar.  So we wanted to give it another crack, especially considering our good friends the Hughezenbacher’s are moving to Toronto rather soon.  So on a whim, and a bit of last minute decision making, we were Toronto bound.

We arrived late-ish Friday night, checked in to our hotel, then immediately set out to grab something to eat. Nothing to write home about, we were fed & back at the hotel for a good night sleep in a bed that I described as a marshmallow polar bear giving me a giant hug. Honestly, it was amazing.

Saturday started with a cinnamon bagel from Tim Hortons, one of the best showers I have had in months, then we hit the shops. A few items each and a few hours later (which included this purchase, clearly one of mine),


we dropped our goods off at the hotel and head to the Distillery District via St Lawrence Market. Oh my gosh. This area has completely saved Toronto in our books. We needed more time just to get to know this area!

We ate at the Mill Street Brewery which was lovely. Lee had a chicken pot pie that was to die for, I had a prosciutto, fig & blue cheese flat bread that was pretty good. And some of the best sweet potato fries I have ever eaten.

Washed down with a *few* pints of different beers, we decided to head back to the hotel to rest our aching feet before heading out for a late dinner. Before making our way though, we stopped at Soma  across from the brewery for a chocolate fix, which turned into a bit more of a spending spree. You cant help it when the store smells THAT GOOD. We had a pecan butter crunch chocolate each that was nothing short of delightful, bought some dark spicy chocolate for ourselves and some dark chocolate bark for work.

On the way back we made a beer fueled purchase from Roots, and I totally walked into a display cabinet and did myself some damage. While having a few glasses of wine on the way to some serious foot resting, I realised how badly I hurt myself in the store, I am now sporting a huge scabby cut & bruise on my leg. Joy! Its just not a weekend away without some beer damage. It was nice to have evidence of the hurt though, I don’t think Lee believed me until he saw it.

During the foot resting on the marshmallow bear hug bed, I turned the TV on and found that there had been a shooting at the Eaton Center, where we were only a few hours prior. One person had died, three injured, and a pregnant woman went into labor after being trampled on from the stampede of shoppers exiting the mall emergency style. Terrible thing to happen, so public, and so crazy. While glad we were not there for that, I feel terrible for the folks who were, not just those injured, what an ordeal. Anyway.

So after some rest time we head out to find a place I have been wanting to try since reading it in another blog, 416 Snack Bar. What appealed to me about this place is the idea of being cutlery free, everything was petite and to be eaten with hands. What’s not to like about that?? It was a bit of a hike, but we walked there anyway, but when we got there, it was PACKED. We waited 10 minutes at the bar and didn’t get served, people were sipping their wine & bubbles, gasbagging, and generally having a great time, and while we wanted to be a part of that, it was impossible. So we walked out, disappointed but determined that we will go back to Toronto and try that place out.

So disappointed we looked for a secondary. It was already 10:30pm (way past dinner o’clock in my book), and stumbled across a random restaurant that had a random menu, and random lego art on the walls. Win! And wine! I had a divine risotto, Lee went with a thai dish that was also equally divine.

A long walk back to the hotel and we were done for the night and ready for a marshmallow bear hug. The morning was going to be a trip to Harbord House for some Eggs in Purgatory, but instead we found ourselves with another bagel instead, which suited me, because I ate it while enjoying a marshmallow bear hug.

We had a few plans for Toronto before departing on Sunday, however the Check Engine light came on our car, and so we had to get that checked out by a mechanic. Well, thats a good thing, because  we now know there is something wrong with our car and getting it fixed over the next few days. And the mechanic had a huge mangy cat living there, with giant paws and some serious affection, we got a few scratches in while we waited. We decided to skip the rest of our Toronto activities and head straight home for the cars sake, and to be honest, we were exhausted. Not used to this night owl shenanigans!

So that was our weekend away, was awesome to just hang out with Lee, eat some food, drink some wine and some beer, and relax. Toronto definitely has a new spin on it for us, and we are looking forward to some de Souzenbacher shenanigans!

Time to hit the gym.


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