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Three Years

Three years seems like it’s not really a long time, does it? Yet when I think back and reflect on what has happened over the last 3(ish) years, it turns out a lot has happened, and a whole lot has changed.

Just over 3 years ago I was made redundant from BGI in London. After which I did a cooking course, got married, bummed around for a few months then turned 30. A few days after that I started at my job at  GSMA, which kind of changed my life. Well, when I say changed my life, I mean it taught me some pretty valuable things about myself. 8 months later, I left GSMA and we left London, funnily enough two years ago today.

We traveled through China & Mongolia, which was bloody awesome.  My niece Nina came along in this world, and we met her while spending 5 weeks in Australia. Nina is a little champion, the force is definitely strong with that one.  We spent a couple-o weeks traveling New Zealand in a van before heading off to the US for 5 weeks of camping fun. We camped across California and briefly visited Arizona & Nevada. Equally awesome as China, Mongolia & NZ, just in a different way. A very different way.

We then moved to Canada – Lee got a job pretty much straight away, so we set up shop & built ourselves a little home. I finally got a job (my current job with OpenText) which was nothing short of much needed great news.  My niece Robyn & nephew Jack arrived in the world, we went back to Australia for a visit in December which was tough but lovely to see everyone and meet little Jack, and spend the first Christmas with my folks in about 8 or 9 years.

Today I have been at my job for exactly one year. I guess that’s why I am having a bit of a reflection on the last three years, this is the longest I have been employed since Redundancy Day.  So much has happened, births, deaths, marriages, and some shitty news & events along the way. But at the end of the day, I am really grateful for where we are now, for our family and kickass friends around the globe, and the awesome people we have met along the way. And of course, husbandman. He needs his own category.

Not sure why I am babbling but I can tell you this, I think today is a wine day. Meant to have a sober couple of weeks, but I am already plotting how I can talk husbandman into it….

And maybe some cheese.


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