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Braised Short Rib Gnocchi

Since we had a lovely dinner at the Bauer Kitchen those weeks ago, I have been wondering about the short rib gnocchi I had. I see short rib in the meat section of the supermarket all the time but never considered it. Well, that was until I ordered it. So yesterday, when lacking serious dinsperation, I suggested braised short rib gnocchi. And we rolled with that.

I didn’t have a recipe, and have never cooked short rib before. I did a small amount of research and well, I ‘winged’ it. And I have to say, it was bloody delicious. I must admit though I did cheat on the gnocchi front, I bought it pre-made from Vincenzo’s.

I think next time I will ditch the short rib and go for gold making my own gnocchi. The flavours were all there, I have to say this was a bloody delicious meal, but short rib is fatty and while I found it easy to cook, it was hard to separate the meat from the fat. The sauce was beautiful though, a deep red wine, onion & mushroom flavour, the kind that you could easily eat on toast (my mother will know what I mean).

Maybe in a couple of weeks I will give gnocchi from scratch a bash. Until then I think its diet & detox time, and time to hit the gym…



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