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The pizza dough recipe… that changed my life

So I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was trying out a pizza dough recipe as I have been nothing short of disappointed with my attempts to date. I purchased this book for a couple of reasons, one is the ‘no knead’ obvious answer, although I have to admit I really don’t mind kneading […]

Avocado cookies and other nonsense

For a while I have been wanting to have a crack at avocado cookies, I stumbled across them in a blog some time ago and thought hrm, thats not a bad idea. Plus a friend sent me a Quitting Sugar document (not sure what she is trying to say…) and there was something in there […]

Three Years

Three years seems like it’s not really a long time, does it? Yet when I think back and reflect on what has happened over the last 3(ish) years, it turns out a lot has happened, and a whole lot has changed. Just over 3 years ago I was made redundant from BGI in London. After […]

Braised Short Rib Gnocchi

Since we had a lovely dinner at the Bauer Kitchen those weeks ago, I have been wondering about the short rib gnocchi I had. I see short rib in the meat section of the supermarket all the time but never considered it. Well, that was until I ordered it. So yesterday, when lacking serious dinsperation, […]