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Visa or No Visa

Waiting for visas is a fairly stressful thing.  Your life goes on hold, you can’t make any decisions on purchases, travel, or regular things such as banking, savings accounts, retirement plans (well, you can, but often it goes into the ‘too hard basket’ because trying to merge international retirement plans is about as much fun as a slap in the face with a soggy day old hotdog),  all that jazz. You can’t commit to anything past your current visa expiration date, and you are always planning for Plan B. Stuck. You are waiting for the go ahead, the approval or denial that will help you move forward.

While we still live 40% out of our backpacks and try to stay minimalists, its hard not to dream about the day we get our visas granted (actually they are work permits, but for the sake of global consistency, we are calling them visas). IF we get them, that is.  Any way you look at it, the decision is out of our hands, so the aim is to stay stress free and deal with whatever the outcome is when it happens.

There are pros and cons to each scenario (Visa or No Visa), and No Visa doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go back to Australia either, not that it would be a bad thing, far from it actually. There are options, but it is still too soon to even start thinking about it. At this stage, we are banking on Visa. While No Visa has its rewards it also has its challenges, and will set us back at least another two years. We ‘could’ go back to Europe, we ‘could’ go somewhere new. To be honest though, we both really want to stay in Canada, it makes sense to us, and we are happy here.

We will see what the visa gods have planned for us soon enough.


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