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Frog & Toad

Something happened yesterday which is kind of a big deal but kind of not, seeing that it would have been a bigger deal 14 years ago. And it wasn’t the amazing lean turkey on rye with sundried tomato caponata  sandwich I had for lunch. Yesterday, I finally moved past the ‘learners’ permit, and passed my test for my drivers license.

In Australia you can go for your L’s (learners permit) when you are 16. Naturally, I didn’t, and copped a fair amount of flack from my classmates. When they were all turning 18 & going for their P’s (probationary license), I still didn’t have my L’s, and personally didn’t see any need to. I moved to Melbourne and stuffed if I would live anywhere that didn’t have a train, tram or be walking distance from everything I needed. When I turned 20, I thought hrm… maybe its time. So I went to do the written test, and got my L’s, and funnily enough I was surprised I passed.

Look at that smug punk ass look on my face! Typical 20 year old!

Then I kind of forgot about it until I met Lee. Lee drove me around everywhere, it’s how our friendship started. We were friends for a good year before anything happened between us, and a lot of mileage! I really should have contributed more towards fuel, sorry about that Lee. So I started having lessons down in Frankston through the school Lee got his license through, but the novelty wore off quickly, and I again forgot about it. Plus, I had Lee, I didn’t need to drive! A few years later we decided to move to the UK. So I started lessons again, and drove Lee’s car around, a lot, and a few days before we left the country, I went for my test… and failed. I went through a stop sign. Typical. Couldn’t rebook, there was no time, a few days later we boarded that flight and never looked back. Much.

You don’t need a car in London, the only time you do is when you move, – we would rent one, and Lee would drive. Trains, tube, buses, mini cabs, who needs to drive in London, especially with the congestion charge?! Not me, no way. I wouldn’t even ride a bike in London, too scary! But upon being made redundant, I had money and I had time, so I thought hrm, this could be it. So I applied for my provisional license (UK L’s). No test required, you just apply and get it.

Sorry, I had to doodle on that, you have to admit the demon eyes and horns are definitely an improvement.  So I had one lesson in London which was highly amusing and I nearly wet my pants from laughing, I had to called it a day. London driving was not for me. Plus I got all busy with the wedding, being unemployed, then finding a job which I threw myself into and really enjoyed.

Well, the day came that we decided to move to Canada, and the last thing I thought about was getting my license. Until we got here that is. Geez, you really do have to drive here! We bought a car, and when I started temping I went for my ‘G1’ test (Canadian L’s). Surprisingly I passed, but it was clear that I need to work on my road signs. New country new signs new colours. Eeek!  You have to have your G1 for at least 8 months before you can go for your G2 (P’s). So in February I signed up for a driving course, it included 20 hours class time, 10 hours of homework & 10 hours driving lessons. The best thing about the course is that it lowers your insurance when you start driving, and its a great way to learn road rules in another country. The worst part was the class time, but that wasn’t such a big deal. You cant start your lessons until you have finished the course, so once that was over, my 5 x 2 hour lessons began. And honestly I thought I needed more, my parking lacks imagination (well, the proper word to use would be skill, I am just jazzing it up a little), but my driving instructor (Serbia’s finest) booked my test and insisted I was ready, even though he still used his brake pedal in the car and kept grabbing the steering wheel. Yep, he did this a lot, right up to the hour driving before my test. Well the test was uneventful, I thought I made loads of mistakes, and even pulled in to the Tim Horton’s drive through when I wasn’t supposed to (she wasn’t impressed when I asked her if she wanted anything*), but she passed me with flying colours (96%, shit!) and that was it. I went off to work (Lee drove me haha) and that that. I am now legal to drive on the roads.

Time to hit the Frog & Toad, eh Lee?!

* Disclaimer. This may or may not be a stretch of the truth…


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