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That’s not the crown I ordered….

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word crown, I think of something like this:

Or maybe this:

So when I heard I would have a temporary crown until my custom made crown comes in, it sounded rather glamorous. Pity it was all about my teeth.

I have my temporary crown in (or is it ‘on’?) and its being fitted in the next couple of weeks. In the same appointment, I will have my top temporary filling refilled, and have a temporary crown fitted on that tooth as well. I was told in my last appointment that I had ‘Angry Gums’, which humored me, other than the fact that its probably not a good thing, but after my visit today it was confirmed my gums are less angry and doing fine. See? All that without therapy, my gums are dealing with their anger issues and working it out.

I think the best part of today’s dentist appointment was accidentally spitting all over my dentist. And I wasn’t even sorry.

Until my final crown goes in on the top, I have to continue to stay away from sticky & hard foods, and continue to eat like Mr Ed to side of my mouth.


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