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The Accidental Hot Dog Project

Since leaving Australia, Lee and I have accidentally been searching for something – the world’s best hot dog. We are not sure how it started, or even how we can call it a project, but somehow we found ourselves trying ‘local’ hot dogs in different countries and it became a thing. It comes and goes, just like any other interest, but was recently rekindled by a visit to a local hot dog stand near Lee’s work.

Lee and I have been meaning to visit this guy for a hot dog trial for, well, about a year now. I bought it up one day at work, and naturally Ingrid got on board almost immediately. On Friday, being a glorious sunny day, pay day, and a day neither of us bought our lunches in, we did it. We walked toward the vendor’s stand (about a 15 min walk) which is via Lee’s work, collected him, and ordered our dogs. Very happy to see he didn’t vend frankfurts (you know, the ones that are mushy and pink on the inside, held together with obscure red stretchy stuff that might as well be plastic, and just about always bursts open), he had real sausages. Lee and I went with a traditional polish sausage each, Ingrid going for the spicy Italian. You help yourself to condiments and additional toppings (the usual and then some – onion, pickles, sauerkraut, hot peppers & olives), and for $4, other than pushy people queue jumping, it’s totally worth it. That is, if you are happy to relive it all afternoon, which I was.

Still, Lee and I both totally agree that the best hot dogs we have ever had in our lives was in Helsinki. Finnish dogs are the shit, honestly. I rate NYC hot dogs next, but you have to go an actual sausage, none of this frankfurt nonsense. We totally heart street meat, even random ‘I’m not quite sure what that is, but sure why not’ street meat in China or Thailand.

So yeah, we are quite particular about our hot dogs, and through random trials during world travels, we have had our fair share to be valid hot dog critics. Anyone thinking ‘well, they are only hot dogs’ clearly hasn’t even had a kick ass dog, and for that we feel sorry for you. Is the time perhaps ripe for a Hot Dog Fest? Hrmm… I think it just might be.



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