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The Bauer Kitchen

So it took a while, but we finally made it to The Bauer Kitchen last night for date night, and it was bloody fabulous.  And we did something we don’t normally do… we had three courses. Seriously, I don’t think we have had more than two courses since our 6 course wedding feast. In fact, we have made the concious decision to not have more than one course, because really, who needs it. But it was date night after all, and we both had our hunger on.

It all started with a sharing of the Bauer Toasts (three individual toasts with different toppings – one three cheese & caramelized onion, one with tomato, pesto & bocconcini  and the last mushrooms with goats cheese) and some calamari that came with chilli & aioli. Both were bloody delicious. So delicious in fact, we hardly had time to stop and get a pic. Here’s the last of it, with my lovely husbandman.

Then came the mains, I went for the short rib gnocchi. Its been ages since my last gnocchi and I figured the time was ripe, I never make it at home. I was expecting it to be good, I was not expecting it to be divine. Oh my god, I wished my mouth was bigger! The horseradish gremolata was sensational in this meaty mix of tasty goodness. I gotta learn how to make this.

Lee went for the 10oz NY striploin with some roasted potatoes & peppercorn sauce. Meaty goodness all round, but Lee did have a smidge of food envy, as my gnocchi just knocked everything else out of the park.  This bad boy doesn’t look half bad though eh?!

Upon finishing our merlot & deciding what to do next, the dessert menu came around. There are no calories in looking, right? Well we all know what happened next. Vanilla gelato all round. And it was bloody awesome, with fresh berries & a crispy gingerbread crescent atop.  One more cleansing cocktail and we were too full to do anything, including move.

Thank you TBK, I wasn’t sure what to expect but we had a most excellent date night with you.  See you again soon!


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