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I’ll have a six pack of motivation, thanks

And throw in a large bag of those inspiration flavoured corn chips.

That’s how my life is feeling at the moment. Not sure what happened but gym visits are only in my mind and I seem to have found my long lost drinking pants. And when I say long lost, I mean I put them away at the end of December and have been playing it rather safe since. Perfect way to undo some serious work. So now is the challenge – what the hell are we going to do about it?

It’s not like I don’t have goals, I got plenty of those. A bucket full of ’em. But it’s how to re-implement that mojo I am sorely missing. I know the after work vino has a huge impact on this, so I guess it’s back to sobriety while I get my fat ass back to the gym and restart my routine again. While we eat well, we cheat well too.

I used to say to my personal trainer in the UK ‘CAN AND WILL, TIM!’ when he pushed me harder. Now that’s the energy and focus I need to get back. Fitter, faster, stronger. Can and will…. maybe tomorrow….


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