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Visa or No Visa

Waiting for visas is a fairly stressful thing.  Your life goes on hold, you can’t make any decisions on purchases, travel, or regular things such as banking, savings accounts, retirement plans (well, you can, but often it goes into the ‘too hard basket’ because trying to merge international retirement plans is about as much fun […]

Frog & Toad

Something happened yesterday which is kind of a big deal but kind of not, seeing that it would have been a bigger deal 14 years ago. And it wasn’t the amazing lean turkey on rye with sundried tomato caponata  sandwich I had for lunch. Yesterday, I finally moved past the ‘learners’ permit, and passed my […]

That’s not the crown I ordered….

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word crown, I think of something like this: Or maybe this: So when I heard I would have a temporary crown until my custom made crown comes in, it sounded rather glamorous. Pity it was all about my teeth. I have my temporary crown in […]

The Accidental Hot Dog Project

Since leaving Australia, Lee and I have accidentally been searching for something – the world’s best hot dog. We are not sure how it started, or even how we can call it a project, but somehow we found ourselves trying ‘local’ hot dogs in different countries and it became a thing. It comes and goes, […]

The Bauer Kitchen

So it took a while, but we finally made it to The Bauer Kitchen last night for date night, and it was bloody fabulous.  And we did something we don’t normally do… we had three courses. Seriously, I don’t think we have had more than two courses since our 6 course wedding feast. In fact, we […]

I’ll have a six pack of motivation, thanks

And throw in a large bag of those inspiration flavoured corn chips. That’s how my life is feeling at the moment. Not sure what happened but gym visits are only in my mind and I seem to have found my long lost drinking pants. And when I say long lost, I mean I put them […]