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Friends vs Salad

For years many of us have been chanting the ‘you don’t win friends with salad’, because, lets face it, salad isn’t exactly friend making material. However, the more days I put behind me, the more I realise that there actually isn’t any truth in this, or is there?  As my thought cogs started turning, I start questioning myself.  Are times changing? Are us meat eaters wising up to something we were otherwise blissfully unaware of?

That’s when it hit me. Most of my favourite salads are basically meat with salad surrounding it.  Lets take a closer look.

Exhibit A. The trusty caesar salad.  I like to make mine with proscuitto instead of bacon, & with spicy grilled chicken, and a poached egg. Hold the anchovies (I don’t mind but the husband is definitely not a fan).

Exhibit B. Cervelat salad, which is 90% meat and contains the key ingredients to make the Swiss go crazy. You will definitely make friends with the Swiss with cervelat.

Exhibit C. The Steak Salad. Nuff said.

Hell, even my favourite pizza was essentially a salad. The Calabrese from Pizza Express in the UK. Oh how I miss this, deeelish.

This might be taking meat salads to the extreme, but let’s be honest, you can meatify just about any salad you want. Beef? Of course. Pork? Its a given! Fish? Yep. Seafood? Hells yeah. I don’t even need to mention the ol’ trusties chicken & bacon. You want it in a salad, you got it. Try getting a salad without chicken & bacon, they are definitely the most popular defaults.

And lets face it, a hamburger is just a meat salad in a bun really, isn’t it?


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