NBA and other stuff

Yesterday was indeed an interesting day of Game of Firsts for Team de Souza. It started with my work team having a ‘thing’ – we managed to get our greasy mitts on tickets to the NBA in Toronto in work’s corporate box. Score! And, to make things even more win, we were allowed to bring partners, so Lee could tag along too. Sweet. Gotta love a small team.

Where it all starts is with our ride to Toronto.

Yeah, that’s right, a limo. There is Game of Firsts #1 for the day. I had never been in a limo before so I was actually a little excited. That excitement wore off pretty quickly though, as it was uber squishy, my seat didn’t have a seat belt, and it was sweltering hot. Apparently the aircon was broken. I know, first world problems right?! Yeah yeah, and my diamond shoes were too tight, and my wallet is too small for my 50’s. But I just have to say, for 2 hours in the stifling heat on the 401 (which is never fun), we were pretty happy to pry our sweaty selves off those pleather seats and get our bums to some water & a feed bag. It was also fun to get out saying ‘Please, no photographs!’ while a crowd of disappointed onlookers had their curiosity smooshed into the footpath when we stepped out, instead of someone more famous or glamorous. Sorry fans, we be regulars too.

The restaurant we had in mind was booked out, so we went to a different one just a stones throw away, and well… this could be a blog entry on its own, so lets just say it did the job and got us back to the game in time.

The corporate box. Hell, how can I have not done this before? This was Game of Firsts #2.

It rocked. I think I am in love with corporate boxes. Ours was a tidy 8 seater with some standing room and bar stools, and we had the whole thing to ourselves. Nice! Now I have done the corporate box I have no idea how I can go back to standard seating. Also a first world problem, obviously.

And the game? Game of Firsts #3, we had never been to a NBA game before. And it was  So. Much. Fun. The game was Toronto Raptors vs Chicago Bulls, and I didn’t know before the game it was the Raptors annual Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Day, so they had some military dudes there and their regular red apparel was traded out for camo colours, which I personally thought was awesome.  The entertainment was hilarious, my personal favourite was musical chairs with bulky army blokes wrestling for the chairs. I laughed my ass off!

The Raptors may have not won the game, but they did win me over. I went in cheering Chicago and somehow switched and became a Raptors fan. Maybe its because of the mascot?

What a legend, and somewhat adorable in my eyes! It could also be because of the inflatable sausages used to distract the opposing team from scoring, I saw them and I was like… I gotta get me one of those air sausages! I really don’t think they are meant to be sausages but they looked like it to me and somehow I have to get me one of them! That and a foam finger, which we couldn’t find anywhere. Cliche much? If you are inclined, there are official game snippets under here.

The verdict? We had a fantastic evening, my colleagues are loads of fun and my abs hurt today from laughing so hard. I definitely see more NBA games in our future, don’t you husbandman?


3 comments on “NBA and other stuff

  1. What! no comment on headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody in the back of the limo

    • Ah… now there is a comment on headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody! Well done 😛
      Not all of the details are captured here, I went for the overview approach. I could talk about the work loos if you need me to recap that conversation on the internet….

  2. I would like to thank Ray for the musical selection he provided.

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