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Paris first thing in the morning

2.5 hours in the hands of Paris, it’s enough time to be uplifted, amused & have your confidence boosted. Although this may be a little misleading, I am not talking about the city, of which I love and would love to go back, I am actually talking about my hair stylist. Her name is Paris and she works at Voila hair salon, corner of King & Union in Waterloo.

I went to see Paris again on Saturday first thing, and I wouldn’t say I was in a funk, but I was hardly upbeat either. Paris is enough to push anyone’s spirits to the ceiling though, and after 2.5 hours it wasn’t just my hair that was transformed, so was my attitude.  I love love love this hair stylist, I trust her with toxic bleach and a pair of scissors and/or a razor near my head, and would recommend her in a heart beat.  So if you are in the area, and need some rework, I say give the salon a call.

I could almost blame Paris for my immediate need for a pint followed by another (…pitcher), and for the shoes I purchased after too many… Thanks Paris xx




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