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Donna Hay, I think you may have a cholesterol problem…

I love Donna Hay, I find the cookbooks stunning, easy enough to follow and normally amazing recipes. I purchased Seasons last year, and so far it has only failed me once (vanilla pastry, but that’s a whole other story). That was until this weekend.

I have been meaning to make these apple maple cakes for some time, hell I even bought a mini bundt tray specifically for this purpose.  And this weekend I finally got around to it. A little ashamed of myself, I really should have been wary of the 250g butter, or the 4 eggs that went into it, considering the recipe makes 12 mini bundt cakes. But I followed it anyway.

Man, way too much butter! My arteries couldn’t handle it.  I would make these again, but probably half the butter, increase the flour, and use more maple & less brown sugar. They also raised more than I thought they would, so I would not fill each one up so much.

Still, they smelled amazing and so pretty to look at, so will have another shot in a few weeks.


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