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11:46am is the new noon…

In my world, 12:00pm daily has been dubbed ‘lunch o’clock‘. It has been for the last 7 odd years.  It’s not limited to workdays either, but then again, lunch o’clock can be reconsidered depending on when breakfast took place on the day in question. It’s just logic, really.

However the last few days, and possibly weeks (I can’t seem to remember that far back, I am too hungry), by the time 11:30am swings around, I am utterly starving.  It could be my breakfast size, but I doubt it. I am going to blame it on this ridiculous weather. After a really extremely mild winter by Canadian standards, it’s now warming up. A lot. Which I am personally not ready for, and I will miss having my winter coat on my chair at work which I can lean on and snuggle up to, potentially have a nap if the time was ripe.  Plus I am not physically ready for summer!  Also I blame the time change. That one hour certainly does make a difference, and my belly seems to know it.

It’s 11:52 and I am chomping my way through my lunch, a chicken & avocado wrap with snow peas, cherry tomatoes & garlic tabasco.And it certainly is delicious. I do hate using cling film though. Maybe someone should make edible cling film? After all, it just slows us down, right?

That and a bean salad should hold me through until the end of the day. But really, I gotta get back on the 12pm=lunch o’clock bandwagon. Hearing someones stomach groan and moan in a pre-lunch meeting is just hideous, especially when its mine. And they think my voice is loud. HA!


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