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I Came, I Cooked, I Wellied

I spent 5 hours in the kitchen today, and it was bliss. It’s been a while since I have cooked something, like… really cooked, and I loved every moment.  On the menu was beef wellington with broccolini, parsnips, carrots & tomatoes, followed by pear & espresso panna cotta. I haven’t made panna cotta before, so will update on the panna cotta separately.

I have only made beef wellington once before, which was pretty much exactly a year ago, and I followed the same(ish) method. And frak, it was delicious!  Thank you, John Torode. I did the parsnip in a pan with a smidge of butter & olive oil first, before transferring it to a tray in the oven. I chucked in some baby carrots with a drizzle of maple syrup, then popped in the vine tomatoes with some thyme for the last 10 minutes. At the last minute I chucked some broccolini in a pan, threw in some balsamic, then some pretoasted pine nuts. It all came together in one ridiculous meaty mess. I came, I cooked, I wellied. And it was good.


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