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Angry Birds

We are lucky enough to have a cardinal come visit us here in our little apartment in Kitchener. He is a beauty, and its always nice to see him. Except that he bashes himself against the window, repeatedly, and it really sounds like it could hurt. Apparently cardinals are extremely territorial, and when they see their own reflection they try to attack it, thinking its another angry bird.  Also, to add to the apparently basket, they can actually seriously injure themselves, even mortally. I really hope that doesn’t happen to our little guy, so we have taken some measures to try to stop him from bashing against the window by putting things against the window to minimize the reflection.

Angry bird sits in the tree outside our bedroom window


Angry bird captured giving himself the stink-eye as he plans his attack against himself

He still lands on the ledge outside the window though, and now jumps up above the obstructions we placed unceremoniously against the window, and attacks himself higher up. What are you doing little angry bird?! What do we need to do in order to prevent you from hurting yourself?



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