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Horseshoe Valley and other nonsense…

This post is a little delayed, I know, but we have a perfectly good excuse.  The Flu. That’s right, the dreaded flu. It all started back in Ottawa, where one of the girls was coughing during our last dinner together. It wasn’t until Monday night when Lee and I got back to KW when we had scratchy throats and a ticklish cough starting. And it began. The next day at work was hell for us both, we even left early, and went straight to bed. And that is exactly where we stayed for the next few days.  This flu was something we had not experienced before, I have not been that sick in years.  Aches, pains, nausea, coughing, sinus congestion, the works. Lee managed to get back to work in almost one piece, but I suffered for a few days longer, and had the rest of the week off work. Naturally I suffered from the guilts, but I think I would have felt more guilty if one of my colleagues was knocked out by it too. Plus my ”I can walk & talk so I am fine for work” rule didn’t apply, as I could hardly do either.  Apparently the girl from Ottawa was also really ill, as were her two friends who were there too. For some reason Heather managed to escape it altogether. I would buy a lotto ticket Heather, you lucky bitch! I do like how it was dubbed the DPF (Dirty Politician Flu) though, probably the best thing that came out of this illness.

By Saturday I was feeling a bit chirpier, so I finally ventured out of the house. Seriously, the cabin fever was getting to me. Two hours in town and I was delirious, and Lee had to take me home because I started to crash big time. We were meant to go up to the McGregor’s ski chalet on Saturday, but had to cancel, still felt rubbish and really didn’t want to make their kids sick. I did find this though, in a book store, and found it rather amusing:

See? EVERYDAY wines.

So moving on to Horseshoe Valley, our ski trip for 2012 and Game of Firsts for Lee (and a first in 10 years for me). Not sure how it happened but we left ridiculously early. I blame going to bed at 7pm and getting up at stupid o’clock. Either way, we hit the road, and enjoyed some tunes while braving the 401 on a Sunday.  Wasn’t too bad actually, and we got to the resort mid afternoon and it was a glorious day.  We checked in, and I got into bed and had a nap. Man, being sick really sucks.  This was my view, not too shabby I guess:

In bed pretending not to be sick

Had a mega sleep and was up bright and early the next day to organise our ski hire (two perfectly fine words that I hate using together) and to get Lee to his first lesson, which went for two hours.  One word – nnnnnaaaaaawwww!

Husbandman... on skis!

Met Lee after his lesson and was well chuffed at how he was turning, and taking this whole new ski thing on. A most excellent Game of Firsts in my opinion. I was nervous watching him in his lesson, trying not to stalk him (no one wants to be THAT person), as I was worried when I went to collect him, he would say ‘I hate it, this is the pits’.  But he didn’t, he was loving every minute, and called it ‘fun’. Well! Sweaty eyeballs may have occurred under my goggles, and I hid my sniffing behind my flu-aftermath.

As for me on skis? Well, I had a ball. I thought it would take ages to get my ski legs back, but one run and I was all over it. The ski runs were fine, they are really short, and the black runs aren’t really black, haha, but the snow conditions were good and it was perfect for Lee to learn, and for me to get my mojo back. I guess the 20 years of skiing beforehand worked in my favour.

We finished a little early, and attempted an apres ski session, but it ended pretty quickly, neither of us were very well, and needed to rest.

Another huge sleep (a marathon actually) and we were up again, early and ready for Lee’s next lesson, which was shorter but oh so worth it. We spent the rest of the morning having fun on the slopes, stopped for lunch, got a mild case of food poisoning (I wouldn’t recommend the food at the Crazy Horse….), had a few more hours in the afternoon, and that was it, our ski adventure came to an end.

View while getting poisoned

Trying not to look too sick or tired

It was a really good break, we got loads of rest, got some good runs in, a bit of exercise, and I am stoked Lee has a new addiction. I foresee much skiing in our future, which makes me a happy camper indeed.

As for now, well, the flu-aftermath is subsiding, which is great as its into week 3 now, so we can try to get our body clocks back onto normal time, without the nana naps & marathon sleeps.  Lee is on shift again (he was meant to write this post, but time is a bit stretched for him at the moment unfortunately), we have a health kick coming up and while the weather starts to warm up here, we can start planning our summer camping trips and some travel.  Stay tuned!



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